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Chandigarh Kesaree:- 13.11.2014

Ek purush ka Kathak dancer hona ek badi baat hai:- City life Newspapers 13.11.2014

Kathak dancer enthrals audience:- Chandigarh Tribune, 14.11.2014

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 'The man who controlled the breath of 1000 people; from a gentle breeze to a heavy storm and then the ghunghroos rained for the next few minutes...I forgot to take pictures.
Deodatt Persaud thank you for the divine and flamboyant performance, proud of you!'

Deodatt Persaud on his tryst with Kathak


THE HINDU Newspapers, NEW DELHI 04.10.2013
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Ausführlicher Bericht über Deodatt und seinen Tanz im aktuellen India! Magazin, Oktober 2012: "Man muss es gesehen haben -- Professioneller Kathak-Tanz in Deutschland".

Times Sunday Magazine, Guyana 04/03/2012

Times Sunday Magazine -Guyana 2012

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Mrs. M. Subashini (Consulate General of India, Hamburg)

Consulate General of India- Hamburg Mrs. M. Subashini.


Professor Dr. Claus-Peter Zoller (University of Oslo, Norway - Faculty of Humanities)

'The audience was excited and deeply impressed by his masterful presentation..... I can only wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Persaud to anyone dealing with Indian performance traditons and I wish him all the best for his future artistic career'.



Professor Dr. Robert Schwager (University Göttingen, Germany)


'Seeing traditional Indian dance for the first time, we are highly impressed by the artistic perfection and deeply moved by the emotional strength expressed by Deodatt Persaud's performance. We are very happy to have had the opportunity to share such an experience'.



Dr. Dagmar Sakowsky (University Göttingen, Germany)


'We want to express to Deodatt Persaud our gratitude for his lively and excellent kathak performance which highly impressed and delighted the students and professors participating in the International Göttingen Summer School at the Economics Faculty of the University of Göttingen. We enjoyed an unforgettable evening and got a permanent impression of the classical Indian dancing culture'.



Professor Dr. Ulf Diederichsen (University Göttingen, Germany -  Department of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry)


'Thank you for this astonishing , powerful but also sensative and outstanding performance of kathak Indian dance. We all very much enjoyed it!. We are all delighted being part of this fantastic insight into the Indian culture of dancing.. Thank you very much.'





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