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Deodatt Persaud is a promising Kathak dancer whose dexterity towards the dance is bound to take him further in exploring and fathoming  what Kathak has to offer himself and to the world. His unique style is hallmarked by clear and articulate move­ments. It is hamonised by a good sense and command over rhythm, backed by powerful pirouettes and crisp footwork.

Deodatt has learnt under the Kathak Maestro Guru Pt. Rajendra Gangani of the Jaipur Gharana. A Govt. of India Scholarship under the Indian Council for Cultural Relations has allowed him to persue and complete his training at 

Deodatt Persaud

India's most prestigious Kathak Dance Institute, The National Institue of Kathak Dance, Kathak Kendra, New Delhi.

Deodatt has performed in several prestigious festivals in India and abroad and has won the attention of both his well wishers and the critics!


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  • Kathak classes in Göttingen, KAZ weekly Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Kathak Classes in the Netherlands,  Amsterdam. Please send an Email for more infos.


  • Monthly Kathak Classes in Nürnberg for more infos please send me an E-mail. deodatt_kathak@yahoo.com


  • Kathak classes in Hamburg class to resume in Live soon.  For more infos please send me an E-mail.


  • Kathak classes in München. For more information on dates and timings please contact me.

  • NEW: Kathak classes in Nijmegen, Netherlands for more information, get in touch!

  • SAMVAADI- KATHAK BEYOND BORDERS, Kathak Performance in Göttingen with Shambhavi Dandekar (San Fransisco) and Team Samvedan
    03.09.2023, 18:30hrs Junges Theater Götingen  More info hier



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Wanted: Tabla player to accompany Kathak Classical Dance.

Deodatt Persaud is seeking a  young, dynamic and experienced  tabla player to accompany his dance performances. Applicants should be settled in Europe, perferably residing in Germany.  Applications with CV, photo, email and contact phone number to: deodatt_kathak@yahoo.com along with a video or link to your playing capabilities.

Applicants must have at least a proficient level of playing inorder to accompany Kathak dance. The demonstration of good improvisation skills, as well as having key knowledge and  understanding of the  kathak dance and it’s accompaniement.  Serious applications only!

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